Pancasila Upholding Student Movement (GMPP UTA’45 Jakarta)

This institution was founded on 17 August 2016 by undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students at UTA’45 Jakarta to uphold the values ​​of Pancasila. The presence of this institution is under the auspices of the Foundation and the University of 17 August 1945 Jakarta as a form of love for the nation and state in maintaining the integrity and diversity within the Republic of Indonesia. This great ideal will be realized through justice and social welfare.

GMPP UTA’45 Jakarta is a pioneer student organization that has an agenda to guard the enforcement of Pancasila in Indonesia, which is stated in a national-based teaching curriculum that can foster a sense of love for the country, defend the country, and tolerance between people who are diverse.


 Vision of GMPP UTA’45 Jakarta

“To be at the forefront of upholding the values ​​of Pancasila in the life of society, nation and state in order to realize social welfare and justice for all Indonesian people”.


 Mission GMPP UTA’45 Jakarta

  1. Organizing a campaign to uphold Pancasila values ​​in the public space.
  2. Organizing scientific forums such as workshop seminars and other activities that can provide strengthening and enforcement of Pancasila.
  3. Forming cadres of Pancasila enforcement through trainings and developing higher education curriculum.
  4. Carry out community service in order to implement the Pancasila values ​​to create welfare and social justice for all Indonesian people