UKM Basketball UTA’45 Jakarta (Student Activity Unit)

UTA’45 Jakarta is one of the universities that cares and acts directly in educating and creating competent future generations. Through the scholarship channel that is given to students both in the academic and non-academic fields, students are expected to be able to achieve achievements. One of the scholarships provided through non-academic channels is the basketball scholarship where students can study with a scholarship of up to 100% and the University of 17 August 1945 Jakarta also fully supports all the needs needed by women basketball team members with a record of being able to perform well in basketball field itself and the academic field.


UKM Basketball UTA 45 Jakarta was established in 2010 with the organizational structure of the basketball UKM UTA’45 as follows:


  • Manager : Michelle Darsono,
  • Head coach : Rudi Ohandi
  • Assistant coach 1 : Agus Batbual (Men’s basketball team)
  • Assistant coach 2 : Benyamin Syukur (Women’s basketball team)


Vision and Mission of UKM Basketball UTA’45 Jakarta


To make UTA’45 Jakarta Basketball UKM superior & rich in achievements in the field of sports and in the field of education.

To become a student activity unit that can develop students’ interests, talents and attitudes in the field of sport.


Providing support to the students who have an outstanding-skill in basketball to achieve success and instill sports values ​​that can be a source of inspiration for all other students.

Creating a harmonious and friendly working atmosphere to support and create synergy, cohesiveness and sportsmanship in working at the Student Activity Unit at the University of 17 August 1945 Jakarta.