Vision: Nurture and strengthen national and international collaboration and partnership of UTA ’45.


  • To make an evidence-based annual work program.
  • To implement annual work program effectively and efficiently.
  • To evaluate organizational performance using scientific methods and instruments.
  • To use evaluation result of organizational performance as a reference for planning work programs in the following year.

Task and Function:

  • Initiating, activating, maintaining, and developing cooperations with national and international partner universities.
  • Initiating, activating, maintaining, and developing cooperations with consortiums or professional associations at regional or global level, internationally scale industries, and global humanitarian organizations.
  • Organizing cultural and educational programs for international students including summer/winter short courses.
  • Coordinating with other work units, faculties, and departments at UTA ’45 to formulate, implement, and evaluate University’s partnership annual work plan.
  • Supporting various international conference and activities held at UTA ‘45 such as: (a) university network’s events and meetings; (b) joint workshop or research with international academic institutions; (c) international seminar; (d) assisting admission, permits, insurance, and accommodation for foreign students and lecturers.
  • Providing assistance, practical advice, and information about the preparation of (a) living and conducting research in Jakarta; (b) studying and teaching at UTA ’45.
  • Promoting and reporting national and international cooperation programs and achievements of UTA ’45.