17 August 1945 University Career Center, Jakarta, we established as Career Center UTA45 Jakarta in 2011. Our Career Center is an institution within the Higher Education structure which is a support unit under the coordination of Director I for Academic Affairs and on the instructions of the Rector of the University of 17 August 1945 Jakarta.

The UTA45 Jakarta Career Center is managed to build and develop graduate professionalism. The existence of a Career Center for UTA45 Jakarta has an impact on the development of Higher Education, namely on intellectual freedom, innovation & creativity abilities, as well as good character for its graduates.

The UTA45 Jakarta Career Center functions to bring together students and graduate job seekers with labor users. For this reason, our institution positions job providers (in this case private or government agencies) as educational partners for universities by increasing the capacity of students, both in specific fields (through technical training) and generics (through soft skills training).

The UTA45 Jakarta Career Center also functions to facilitate the development of an entrepreneurial spirit through various programs to provide high added value for alumni. An entrepreneurial spirit will help a worker to always be solution-oriented, not problem-oriented.


The UTA45 Jakarta Career Center carries out activities according to its function, including:

  1. Training
  2. Career seminar
  3. Internship
  4. Online Job Fair
  5. Job Fair Exhibition
  6. Campus Recruitment
  7. Career Counseling
  8. Tracer Study



As the Most Trusted and Highly Absorbing Career Center in Jakarta in 2020



  1. The information is open by organizing clear information management so that the demand for company workforce for the needs of qualified graduates can be met and reach out to one another.
  2. Make it easier to access by providing a technology-based information platform through several types of media so that the speed of response from graduates can shorten the waiting period of work and increase the response of the Tracer Study.
  3. The scope is broad by collaborating with related partners and graduate users through career center activities for students/graduates to manifest the strength of the character of alumni in general and the independence of the institution in particular.
  4. Confident of its suitability by seeing the alignment of the results of the Tracer Study of graduates with graduate users who are used as feedback for universities to respond quickly to the needs of the labor market.



  • Delivering graduates into the world of work both as professionals and entrepreneurs with strong character.



  • Students / Prospective graduates
  • Graduates / Alumni
  • Company / Agency
  • Graduate / Industry Users
  • Related partners